Stars Align

Christina Christian

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Stars Align is a special song to me. Earlier this year I began writing it, then the Music from the Moon Songwriting contest came along. I entered the song hoping it would become NASAs 50th Anniversary Song, But clearly it was intended for my own launch into the unknown. 

I have been on an awakening journey since 2011. From graduating high school, going to college, breaking old habits, and now realizing my full potential. I didn’t even know that I have been on the quest of expanding my consciousness. I’ve been exploring the universe within myself while looking up at the universe surrounding us. It finally hit me. 

In doing the inner work, it has helped my outlook of the world and all the people in it. This song “Stars Align” is a new confirmation of my soul and a positive affirmation that I am in control of my mind, my body, and my spirit. 

The artwork for this song “Stars Align” is a piece I created so that I can translate my purpose here on earth. 

I brought two photos together. One was snapped by my beautiful friend Beth Childs, and the other is the Pleiades Star Cluster. They aligned perfectly, When transparent. 

Which brings me to announce that I am recording my next album titled, TRANSPARENT. We are in the studio recording for the rest of the year and will gear up to release Spring 2020 

Through my music, I share the message. 

It has been a beautiful life indeed, and I hope you can resonate with the melodies and the words that I share. I cannot turn away from my Self any longer. I will not shy away from my truth. 

The Golden Age is truly here once again. 

                                                   S    T   A   R   S           A   R   E             A   L   I   G   N   I   N   G 

GRATITUDE AND LOVE to every single soul that has been connected with me throughout my life!!! You are my reason, sisters and brothers. ️ 

This song is available for streaming and download on my website (Not Available anywhere else except Apple Music) Also here’s a great deal, IF you pre-order Transparent today, you get Stars Align for FREE! 

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Photo by @bethchildsphotography

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