The Story Behind "Dolly Would You Pardon Me"

Pre-Order Date Sept 15, 2018  Release Date: Oct 1, 2018 

There's a double meaning to the name Christina Christian, "believer in Christ"....originally, Christina Marie Cecrle was born November 23rd, 1992 in south Alabama. Music always resonated with her soul at young age, singing every genre that played on the radio. She continues that path today,  going with her gut and releasing her brand new song, "Dolly, Would You Pardon Me". 

     The song title stayed still in Christinas’ pocket for about two years, then last winter before her wedding, she and her husband Nick Biebricher, wrote the song in one day. She says "Its a dream to be able to write a song with the love of your life, then get to tell the world about it". 

    While pregnant with their 4 month old, Tucker, they recorded the song with producer, Shawn Byrne in Nashville, TN.  Shawn said, “Dolly Would You Pardon Me" is the kind of country song that I love. It's totally modern sounding but steeped in country tradition with a twangy Telecaster, a greasy steel rocking along to a classic country shuffle. Clever lyrics and a killer voice and you got yourself a hit!  Radio if you're listening, really listening then spin the heck out of this. Your listeners will thank you" 

Christina mentions, "Everything kept falling into place with this Dolly song, so we decided to take it to the next level and do a music video!" 

With the release of "Dolly Would You Pardon Me" comes a quirky music video featuring some of the Gulf Coasts best musicians, Robin Kingry, Preston Stanfill, Dave Caluger, Darrell Roberts, and Kevin Swanson. Robin said, “I am thrilled to be a part of this project.  I truly believe in this great song and Ms. Christina!” 

Ben Taylor Drones is a local videographer company who took on the project with Christina and Nick. There were many sweaty hours on Fox Lane Farms in Lillian, AL and also at local favorite, The Point Restaurant where the video took place,  Ben says, “Christina is a talented young woman who is completely inspired for what she pursues! The teamwork between herself and her wordsmith husband, Nick, inspired a lighthearted, charming and timeless story within this song. We’ve all daydreamed about moments in which significant encounters shaped, or could shape, the path we’ve chosen. This song highlights Dolly Parton and the influence she has made on Christina in her day to day. If you’ve ever seen Dolly speak, you’ll notice a humble, kind hearted and very naturally talented person. Christina carries this with her as the torch is passed from one country music legacy to the next. I was honored to have captured what felt like the interactions of a very loving and supportive tribe! Thanks to all who helped with this project!” 

    Last Spring of 2017, Christian introduced her music to the universe with a full 12 song Album debut, which showcased her life’s work from childhood to today’s world. Silent Sea, the title of the CD, was a lifetime achievement yet she couldn’t stop there. 

    As her personal life reached several new chapters within 5 years, Christina found her soul mate. Nick and Christina met during the first year of the Gulf Coast Songwriter Shootout; Christina was the first to sign up for the competition. They ended up working together in the music business on the Gulf Coast doing events, songwriting, and recording. Then their love for music led to love for each other. To date, they have a tracking room, a full length album mixed and mastered, many duet songs, a sweet Gemini baby, and ambition. 

Long time friend and photographer, Dee Sanders Horton said, "About 6 years ago, I became instantly captivated with this songbird's memorizing voice, that filled the coffee shop I was  lucky enough to have walked into. Christina's big welcoming smile and quirky personality was a breath of fresh air, then and even now to all those that listen to her sing and those that she meets. She holds a marvelous combination of the talents & traits, those of an old soul singer songwriter performer, the inevitable wonderings of a rebellious dreamer, a dedicated responsible free spirit, one who is always a listening ear, her musicianship is a force to be reckoned with, and she is my Amazing Best Friend. This has been a very fun & creative 'Dolly Would You Pardon Me' Project, photographing, change of locations, learning as we go out takes, and much laughing all the way, it is never seems like work with Christina."

What it all comes down to with Nick and Christina and their role in the community, they said, “We have set intentions on leading a musical life and encourage everyone to take a deep breathe and do everything you love to do’” 

The Dolly Would You Pardon Me song hits radio and all platforms online the first week of October. Watch for the music video as well.