August 30th Christina Christian "Live" at Vinyl Music Hall in Pensacola, FL

Through the looking glass....

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       #christinachristian #sandyroots #responsiblefreespirit #hussanddalton #andreainnovations #oleriverstringband

    christinachristian #sandyroots #responsiblefreespirit #hussanddalton #andreainnovations #oleriverstringband

    Hello World,

    Thank you for visiting my website. If you know me personally, I would give you a hug right now. I'm an artist: I sing, write songs, design my posters, design other peoples posters, I paint guitar cases and other weird objects, I build with the use of my left brain and there's no stopping it anytime soon. This is my journey and I'd love for you to be a part of it. 

    The past couple years of life on my own have been pleasant, and not so pleasant....the urge to complain is no longer there, it's bullshit, to be exact. With an open heart, mind, and'd know what I'm talking about. You're here reading this right now because you think I have something to say, well I honestly do, but words on the internet will only last so long. I'm talking to myself as well, please keep that in mind. Music is a muse, and the identity of the sound of emotion. That's why I'm here, and why you listen. Ease your troubles with a song.....alright, I know it's not that simple, all your troubles will just go, they won't. YOU have to be responsible, to set your spirit free. Brothers and sisters, smile and be positive, listen to the words, let the lullaby sooth your soul. Peace, love and happiness to you all. <3CMC